India, 2015

India… T-6 days.

This blog is about to become a travel blog.

I just arrived in Kolkata!

It hasn't sunk in that I'm here, but it also feels like I never left.

What is the point of Dubai?

So we had a four hour layover in Dubai and I want to write about it because I have Opinions. I just don't understand. Can someone please explain to me why Dubai is supposed to be an attractive concept?

Seen in the India Museum, Kolkata

The sight I saw in Kolkata on our first day will definitely remain in my mind. Trigger warning: they are preserved human and animal bodies.

Travel Diary: Kolkata

I think the thing that hit me the most during the day in Kolkata was what is also the essence of India: its contradiction.

An Old Enemy: The Night Bus

So. Getting from Kolkata to Bhubaneswar necessitated my old arch-enemy: the night bus.

Travel Diary: Bhubaneswar

Bhubaneswar, the hot, dusty Orissan state capital, was Jess's and my home for 48 hours, and the object of our touristic energy for one day. In some ways it was incredible; in others, quite dull.

Travel Diary: Konark and the Sun Temple

Konark, home of the Sun Temple: the epitome of Orissan temple architecture. I was really excited to visit it - and I enjoyed it, but for unexpected reasons.


Whenever I saw Orissa (the state; that is how the guidebook spells it) spelt as Odisha: I couldn’t help but think of one, very blue, leafy Pokémon… I’m so mature. Share this:TwitterFacebookEmailMoreGoogleTelegramWhatsAppSkypeLinkedInPrintRedditPocketPinterestTumblr

Unexpected Things about East India

Indian culture changes completely every few hundred miles - and I want to record some of the ways this uniqueness manifested itself to my eyes.

Breakfast of Maharanis (Queens)

Idly sambar, I love you. Share this:TwitterFacebookEmailMoreGoogleTelegramWhatsAppSkypeLinkedInPrintRedditPocketPinterestTumblr

Mumbai: Maximum City

When you think of India, more often than not, you are thinking of Mumbai, because nowhere else are the foundations of Indian culture pulled to such extremes.

Mumbai's Mahalaxmi Dhobiwalls

What always fascinates me is how the clothes get back to their owners.

Seen on the Street in India

Below are some of the bizarre things that I've seen on the streets so far.

Seen in an airport: Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

The publishing house where I work have published ten books by this man, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, and his company, The Art of Living.

We saw a puppy!

Can you honestly say that you'd walk past her?

Travel Diary: Kozhikhode / Kozhi

Here is where I was reminded of what South India is all about: calm.

India's Fantastic Signs, Adverts, and Posters

These are the mistranslated, awkward, embarrassing, or just plain bonkers signs and adverts that I have seen.

Sugar cane juice: my one true love

Sugar cane juice. Get in my belly.

Travel Diary: Thrissur

We only had one day in Thrissur, so we had to make it count.

Pannumanur Kotta Elephant Sanctuary

We went to Pannumanur Kotta Elephant Sanctuary, near Guruvayur, and got up close to the lovely nellies.

Mumbai's street bookshops

Books sold on the street for rock-bottom prices. Heaven!

Travel Diary: Kochi

Of all of the places I visited that I had visited before, Kochi was the one I've enjoyed least.

Street art / graffiti in Fort Cochin

I remember seeing the news articles about this. It was awesome to wander around and spot the graffiti itself: it definitely helped dilute the stultifying tourism of Fort Cochin. Share this:TwitterFacebookEmailMoreGoogleTelegramWhatsAppSkypeLinkedInPrintRedditPocketPinterestTumblr

A love letter to my guidebook

This post is in appreciation of my best friend; close enough and important enough to me while I'm here to be my spouse. I'm talking about my guidebook.

Our meeting with Mahatma Gandhi

Guess who we found in Mumbai airport?!

Humans of Mumbai

I went for a walk in downtown Mumbai, and paid close attention to what I was looking at. These are some of the results.

Travel Diary: Munnar

Munnar definitely remains one of my favourite places in Kerala for its refreshing climate and staggering beauty.

Travel Diary: Varkala

As before, I have little to say about Varkala apart from that it is wonderful: calming, beautiful, and with excellent food.

We go home tomorrow.

I'm leaving behind a country that I feel so strongly about.

Indian T-Shirts

My favourite hobby.

One night in Kolkata: Durga Hindu Festival

In the two weeks between our visits we noticed something had changed: shrines to the goddess Durga had started popping up everywhere.

Street Ear Cleaning: My Aural Nemesis

The “wax” is a deep brown colour, and I know he didn’t get it from my ear. But he is a man with a sharp stick, and I let him get on with it.

Houseboats In Alappuzha: A Watery Paradise

I have been to a few places in my life where no matter where you look, the view is picture-perfect, and this is at the top of the list.

Ayurveda Bullshit

It angers and saddens me not just that tourists spend vast amounts on ayurveda treatments, but also that ordinary Indian people resort to it rather than scientifically proven medicine.

An Epistolary Discovery

It feels very strange to own this letter, but I also don't want to throw it away.

Scripts found in India

I wanted to write this post to highlight the incredible linguistic plurality in India, and how different this is from the West.

India Trip 2015: A Summary

The metaphorical dust has settled and once again, it feels a little bit like I never even left the country.