On Litographs and Fandom

A few weeks ago I found this website: Litographs. They create clothes upon which they print the entire text of any of over 200 books. Every single word of the story — all those thousands and thousands — are printed in tiny letters over a shirt, or scarf, or hoodie.

I love this because it appeals precisely to the things I love. I love weird t-shirts. I love the story that I chose to have printed (The Sirens of Titan, by Kurt Vonnegut — my ultimate favourite book). And I love the idea of demonstrating my love in such an overt way. It’s the same reason I got a tattoo; that I use social media; that I write on here about what I love.

I recently read a book called Superfandom about the ways people express their appreciation for a product, and how companies can nurture that appreciation. One of its many insightful sections was the below:

Consumers care about the product. Fans care about what that product stands for.

I am not a conscious consumer of anything. I don’t care about labels or prestige or brands or status. That may be a generation thing. But I am a fan, and I love this. (Though sadly, they don’t do Harry Potter versions yet).