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One Month after Mental Health Awareness Day: Dogs and Depression [spon]

I didn’t post anything for Mental Health Awareness Day on 7 April — a mistake, since it’s one of the things closest to my heart, and it needs all the help it can get to lower the stigma. I wish I could tell every single person in the world who experiences it that you don’t have to feel like this forever — you don’t have to just put up with it; you can get help; you don’t need to feel alone or ashamed. It’s okay.

The WHO are now running a year-long campaign around the issue of mental health, so there should be more in the news about it soon. In the meantime, I’m going to share two resources I really like that were created this year for Mental Health Awareness Day. Firstly, the World Health Organisation created this lovely animation explaining what depression is — and is not.

And secondly, I was approached by Pet Gear Lab about sharing their infographic below on how wonderful dogs are in helping you cope with depression and anxiety. This is something I would love to learn first-hand if I could ever afford to get a dog <3

Depression, anxiety, and other mental health issues now affect over 300 million people worldwide according to the WHO. Having a dog in your life can really help with coping and so does Andy and the team at Pet Gear Lab. They’ve created this infographic to highlight 12 reasons why a dog can help you cope with depression and anxiety.

This is what it looks like:

12 reasons why a dog can help you cope with depression and anxiety.

Adorable huh? Now, if anyone wants to lend me their dog next time I’m having a bad day…

pugs in a car boot