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An article by Paul Kingsnorth I thought was worth sharing

The wise, inventive, and compelling author Paul Kingsnorth has written two books I love, and here he has written an article. It’s about the changes that occurred in our political landscape in 2016 — about Trump’s election and the EU vote — and why those aren’t the important events at all. The piece is shot through with myth that, as myths always do, holds a lens up to experience and makes it clearer.

Our stories are cracking: the things we have pretended to believe about the world have turned out not to be true. And the serpent has a lot more damage to do yet. In such times, we write to make sense of things, and to examine our stories in their proper perspective. We write new stories because the old ones are half-dead now. We turn from the heat of the anger before it burns us, we let the names fall away, we walk up the mountain, sit down at the summit, breathe – and pay attention.


Read it all here.