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Waterstones Book of the Year: The Essex Serpent

The Essex Serpent, which we publish at my work, has won Waterstones Book of the Year!

And if you don’t think it’s the most beautiful book you have ever seen, get out of my face…

I honestly could not be happier, more excited, or more full of a sense of justice having been done (I bet there’s a long German word for that emotion) than when I opened the email. The fact that I’ve contributed 0.01% to such a colossal success is just amazing.

I haven’t written a proper review of it because it’s a work book, but here’s the one from Savidge Reads that I shared a few months ago and which is pretty much bang on the money. Safe to say it’s a magnificent story, with moments of such perfection and delicacy that they make my eyes mist even now.

Now go forth and buy!!