Indonesia 2016

Seen on the streets of Java

‚ÄčOne of my best hobbies when abroad is to look for examples of bad enough — be they on t-shirts or on signs. Because there’s nothing that sells your business or makes you look cool like a bundle of English words that have a vague, passing acquaintance with sense.

Be they shops:
  • D’Hub
  • Cafe milk story (What might this story be?)
  • Bread talk
  • Panties pizza (It sounds like an STI)
  • Junkie juice
  • Klin ‘n’ fres laundry
  • Rizky Trans(port) (Not an endorsement for a safe journey…)
  • Smooting / smothing / smotting (… Meant to be ‘smoothing’)
  • Dum fans (Not very nice)
  • Keep calm and pray (The fact the Keep Calm phrase has arrived in Indonesia breaks my heart)
  • If you can’t stop thinking about it buy it (Marketing 101…)
  • It’s so Italian it’s Koffie? (Seen on a coffee cup; I have no idea what to say)
  • Behind every beauty there’s coffee (Not behind this one there isn’t.)
Or graffiti:
  • Flowers city casuals
  • Never Stop Dream‘, beside an image of a sad Lumpy Space Princess
  • We grow up but we never old (So close!)

Oh — and a special mention to the traffic police in Yogyakarta, who put up this sign next to some traffic lights so that everyone passing (who read English) was fully aware.