Indonesia 2016

“Bab Sandwiches”

We have seen an alarming but in no way surprising amount of overpopulated motorbikes so far in Java.

Just as in India people take advantage of the relative cheapness of motorbikes and use them to transport their entire family, Indonesian families are comfortable using their bikes as an estate car, with both parents and all children along for the ride.

We call the toddlers trapped between parents a ‘bab sandwich‘, and when the kid is at the front, which they do when they’re a little older and can hold onto the handlebars, it’s an ‘open bab sandwich‘.

This is only a half one.

No one seems to pay this any mind. Matt saw two women with a little girl, and when they stuck out their arm to indicate, the girl uncertainly did so as well.

The most horrifying thing, though, was when we saw a ten-year-old boy cycling stoically through the busy streets, as cars motored past him and motorbikes zoomed by.