India 2013/2014 · Travel writing

Some beautiful Ajmeri kids

When in Ajmer bus station en route to Pushkar I was accosted by a bunch of street kids who stared at me shyly as I drank chai. When I reached into my bag every one of them reached out their right hand to accept the money they thought I was going to give them.


Instead I took out my camera and took this photo — I showed it to them and they found it absolutely hilarious. I guessed many of them rarely, if ever, see their own faces.

I never give money to child beggars — you never know where it’ll go. I had ten minutes till my bus so instead, I went to a fruit and veg stall outside the bus station and bought a big bunch of bananas for the kids. When I came back they all rushed at me for them, but I tried to make sure it was one each and to give some to the little ones. The bananas were quite small, sadly, and disappeared very quickly.

I then took another photo and shortly after that, my bus arrived. I clambered onto it and they waved just as shyly at me as I left.